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  Tulips_19.jpg 620,888 Yes 04-13-2021 08:30 AM
  happy-womens-day-greeting-wishes-card-online-min5e328a8b9b782_fedc79aba0a998ce04571226b98ec502 (1).jpg 67,048 Yes 04-12-2021 02:31 PM
  EFP Configurator Checkbox.jpg 84,237 Yes 08-17-2020 12:36 PM
  Signature with White Bg.jpg 16,982 Yes 08-17-2020 12:21 PM
  Sample Attachment.docx 11,852 Yes 08-17-2020 12:20 PM  
  Date_Time Issue.png 69,110 Yes 05-04-2020 02:48 PM
  red car.jpg 46,274 Yes 05-01-2020 02:38 PM
  Sample Excel Attachment.xlsx 8781 Yes 03-05-2020 01:42 AM  
  Rich Document2.rtf 7 Yes 03-05-2020 01:42 AM  
  Test 3.pdf 33,900 Yes 03-05-2020 01:42 AM  
  B.pdf 41,234 Yes 03-04-2020 04:34 PM  
  Sample Attachment 3.docx 11,852 Yes 03-04-2020 04:18 PM  
  A.pdf 41,234 Yes 03-04-2020 03:14 PM  
  Test 2.pdf 41,234 Yes 03-04-2020 03:14 PM  
  PDF 1.pdf 41,234 Yes 03-04-2020 03:13 PM  
  red car.jpg 46,274 Yes 02-28-2020 12:57 PM
  Cloud Wizard Scenarios.jpg 75,682 Yes 02-19-2020 01:00 AM
  Outbound Queue_Interfax.jpg 207,554 Yes 02-19-2020 01:00 AM
  Dropbox Multifile.jpg 71,550 Yes 02-18-2020 04:08 PM
  juiced.jpg 2782 Yes 02-18-2020 03:01 PM
  Hydrangeas.jpg 595,284 Yes 02-18-2020 02:35 PM
  Juiced Comp Logo.png 59,041 Yes 11-26-2019 04:14 PM
  Tulips.jpg 620,888 Yes 11-26-2019 04:11 PM
  QB Signature Terms (4) (1).pdf 41,955 Yes 11-26-2019 04:07 PM  
  Juiced Comp Logo.png 59,041 Yes 11-21-2019 03:36 PM
  PDF 1.pdf 41,234 Yes 11-21-2019 03:13 PM  
  Rich Document1.rtf 7 Yes 11-21-2019 02:23 PM  
  Sample Excel Attachment.xlsx 8781 Yes 11-21-2019 02:22 PM  
  Test 2.pdf 41,234 Yes 11-21-2019 02:22 PM  
  Tulips.jpg 620,888 Yes  
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When you bring additional fields into a conversion, Quickbase often finds inconsistencies. For example, say you're converting your Companies column into its own table. One company, Acme Corporation, has offices in New York, Dallas and Portland. So, when you add the City column to the conversion, Quickbase finds three different locations for Acme. A single value in the column you're converting can only match one value in any additional field. Quickbase needs you to clean up the extra cities before it can create your new table. To do so, you have one of two choices:

  • If you want to create three separate Acme records (Acme-New York, Acme-Dallas and Acme-Portland) click the Conform link at the top of the column.
  • If the dissimilar entries are mistakes (say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors) go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again.

Read more about converting a column into a table.

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