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ashley DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_107 File Details  
rec1 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_106 File Details  
TEST DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_105 File Details  
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_104 File Details  
Test record DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_103 File Details  
03-03-2020 DropBox Demo   File Details  
TEST DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_101 File Details  
Tes DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_100 File Details  
TEST DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_99 File Details  
U0 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_98 File Details  
test kj DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_97 File Details  
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_96 File Details  
rec1 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_95 File Details  
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_94 File Details  
Test 1234 DropBox Demo   File Details  
Hot Purple DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_92 File Details  
Hot Purple DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_91 File Details  
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_90 File Details  
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_89 File Details  
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_88 File Details  
gfkjhghj DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_87 File Details  
DP DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_86 File Details  
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_85 File Details  
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_84 File Details  
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_83 File Details  
testsl1 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_82 File Details  
Testing subfolders DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_81 File Details  
Receiving Error DropBox Demo   File Details  
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_79 File Details  
Sandeep DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_78 File Details  
Testing 2 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_77 File Details Adding New Folder
Juiced Test Account DropBox Demo   File Details bmbujfg6t_76
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_75 File Details Test_Folder_75
Juiced Test DropBox Demo   File Details Test_Folder_74
test nate DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_73 File Details Test_Folder_73
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_72 File Details Test_Folder_72
Test for Dominick DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_71 File Details Test_Folder_71
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_70 File Details Test_Folder_70
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_69 File Details Test_Folder_69
CBS Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_68 File Details Test_Folder_68
drop box juiced DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_67 File Details Test_Folder_67
Juiced demo DropBox Demo   File Details Test_Folder_66
Drop Box Demo DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_65 File Details Test_Folder_65
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_64 File Details Test_Folder_64
Client Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_63 File Details Test_Folder_63
Testing DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_62 File Details Test_Folder_62
testing DropBox Demo   File Details Test_Folder_61
gfsdg DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_60 File Details Test_Folder_60
Test Demo DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_59 File Details Test_Folder_59
Test Dropbox DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_58 File Details Test_Folder_58
Customer1 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_57 File Details Test_Folder_57
file1 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_56 File Details Test_Folder_56
nprtest DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_55 File Details Test_Folder_55
test DropBox Demo testfolder File Details Test_Folder_54
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_53 File Details Test_Folder_53
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_52 File Details Test_Folder_52
Dallen DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_51 File Details Test_Folder_51
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_50 File Details Test_Folder_50
New Demo DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_48 File Details Test_Folder_48
Demo DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_47 File Details Test_Folder_47
3924.10.4000 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_46 File Details Test_Folder_46
Test file DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_45 File Details Test_Folder_45
05-17-2019 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_44 File Details Test_Folder_44
asdf DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_43 File Details Test_Folder_43
24WeekReport DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_42 File Details Test_Folder_42
Amie Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_41 File Details Test_Folder_41
test DropBox Demo   File Details Test_Folder_40
JRM Testing DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_39 File Details Test_Folder_39
jkl;j DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_38 File Details Test_Folder_38
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_37 File Details Test_Folder_37
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_36 File Details Test_Folder_36
test DropBox Demo   File Details Test_Folder_35
TEst DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_34 File Details Test_Folder_34
gmdghj DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_33 File Details Test_Folder_33
DANTEST DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_32 File Details Test_Folder_32
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_31 File Details Test_Folder_31
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_30 File Details Test_Folder_30
test record DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_29 File Details Test_Folder_29
test file DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_28 File Details Test_Folder_28
Test doc DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_27 File Details Test_Folder_27
Test doc DropBox Demo   File Details Test_Folder_26
Master Sai's Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_25 File Details Test_Folder_25
Testing DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_24 File Details Test_Folder_24
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_23 File Details Test_Folder_23
Bid Docs DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_22 File Details Test_Folder_22
BRC Firm Bio DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_21 File Details Test_Folder_21
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_20 File Details Test_Folder_20
Testing DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_19 File Details Test_Folder_19
Test 23232 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_18 File Details Test_Folder_18
Test33 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_17 File Details Test_Folder_17
Test45454 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_16 File Details Test_Folder_16
tester DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_15 File Details Test_Folder_15
Demo DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_14 File Details Test_Folder_14
test DropBox Demo   File Details Test_Folder_13
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_12 File Details Test_Folder_12
TEST DOC DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_11 File Details Test_Folder_11
Terrorists DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_10 File Details Test_Folder_10
Dummy Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_9 File Details Test_Folder_9
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_8 File Details Test_Folder_8
1 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_7 File Details Test_Folder_7
4321 DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_6 File Details Test_Folder_6
test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_5 File Details Test_Folder_5
This is test record DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_4 File Details Test_Folder_4
sample DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_3 File Details Test_Folder_3
Images I found from QB DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_2 File Details Test_Folder_2
Test DropBox Demo bmbujfg6t_1 File Details Test_Folder_1
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When you bring additional fields into a conversion, Quickbase often finds inconsistencies. For example, say you're converting your Companies column into its own table. One company, Acme Corporation, has offices in New York, Dallas and Portland. So, when you add the City column to the conversion, Quickbase finds three different locations for Acme. A single value in the column you're converting can only match one value in any additional field. Quickbase needs you to clean up the extra cities before it can create your new table. To do so, you have one of two choices:

  • If you want to create three separate Acme records (Acme-New York, Acme-Dallas and Acme-Portland) click the Conform link at the top of the column.
  • If the dissimilar entries are mistakes (say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors) go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again.

Read more about converting a column into a table.

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