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QIC Database Development Priorities:

  • Boomerang Portfolio structure changes (Jessica)
  • Move P-S and Trigger Reports to main QIC app and put on dashboard(s) – mirror tables
  • First-Alert (FA) / Site Visit (SV) Forms
    • Demo and discuss alternatives to Word documents (pdf, Exact Forms, etc)
    • After meetings with Clinical team:
      • Changes to Freddie on-site form
      • Create Freddie desk/phone review versions
      • Clean-up formatting in QIC and templates
      • Create more dynamic ability to hide unused sections (checkboxes?)
      • Add section in template under title for photo or hide if no photo uploaded
      • Add additional state requirements/regulations fields to State module and populate
      • Add “pre-fabricated” sections with standardized text and formula fields
        • QM measures summary
        • 5-Star summary
        • SFF history
        • State regulations/requirements linking from State module
      • Create “Form Process Flow” alerts
        • Site Visit created > Site Visit QMs/Nursing Hours imported (if SNF) > Site Visit completed > Review #1-3 completed > Trissie Review completed > Clinical Changes completed > Ready for Formatting > Formatting completed
    • Add dashboards for Boomerang operator groupings
    • Create ability to hide/collapse all reports on dashboards
    • Evaluate need for drill-down data buttons or removal based on chart clicking
    • Evaluate all processes related to import/export target list, KPI import, etc
  • Quarterly Dashboards
    • Set up Quarter End Date in Analytics and update all dashboard reports to pull based on that date last 5 quarters
    • Create “Quarterly Process Flow” alerts
      • See Quarterly Timeline in QIC
  • QIC Client Proposals
    • Create module for quoting new clients and additional services for existing clients
  • RHA
    • Add document attachment in all modules with Juiced Technologies or however
  • Repeat Citations
    • Create a summary table off FTagSurveyData and KTagSurveyData to be able to report repeat citations directly from QIC
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