QB Courier - There are 3 ways to process email and reminder messages; On Demand, Triggered, Scheduled.

1.  On Demand
  • Send out email notifications/reminders with the click of a button.
  • Email Messages will be sent out based upon the configuration record from our QB Courier Configuration Application.
  • In order to test, Click here to go to the configuration record, edit the record and change the "Copy Email" address to the the email address you want the email to be sent out to.
    Click the button "Execute On Demand" to process the record. You will receive
    an email to the email address you have just entered.
  • Our configuration application allows you to add/update the subject, the content, CC email address, BCC email address  and from email address of the email.
    You can also embed an HTML table into the body of the email.
  • The emails will be sent out to one/more email addresses based upon the criteria set up on the configuraiton record.
2.  Triggered
  • This type of notification is executed based upon an event occurring in QuickBase and will process a single record.
    • For Multiple record processing via Grid Edit, Click here, change the email address to your own and click the Send Email checkbox on the records you would like to email.
  • Click here to go to QuickBase records to demo this option.  This is also our 4-in-1 Demo.  We combine 4 add-ons all executed with 1 button click.  QB Signature, QB Triggers, Exact Forms Plus! and QB Courier are all utilized in this demo. 
  • Enter the email address that you would like the email to be sent out to.
  • Click on one of the records, click one of the "sign-off" buttons, sign and save the signature. You will soon get an email with a document generated by our Exact Forms Plus tool with your signature embedded in the document.
3.  Scheduled
  • This type of email notification/reminder can be run on a scheduled basis : daily, weekly or monthly.
  • It also uses the configuration application where you can add/update the details of the email message.
  • It is very similar to an On-Demand configuration but you schedule it to run instead of clicking a button to execute it.
  • Can be used to send out reminders with advanced functionality not available with native reminders in QuickBase

Signatures for QuickBase

Sign off in a Signature Pad popup window.  We include 2 options:

1.  Capture a signature by itself

2.  Capture a signature, a title and review terms and check-off that you accept the terms

Click here to Demo the Signature add-on 

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When you bring additional fields into a conversion, Quick Base often finds inconsistencies. For example, say you're converting your Companies column into its own table. One company, Acme Corporation, has offices in New York, Dallas and Portland. So, when you add the City column to the conversion, Quick Base finds three different locations for Acme. A single value in the column you're converting can only match one value in any additional field. Quick Base needs you to clean up the extra cities before it can create your new table. To do so, you have one of two choices:

  • If you want to create three separate Acme records (Acme-New York, Acme-Dallas and Acme-Portland) click the Conform link at the top of the column.
  • If the dissimilar entries are mistakes (say Acme only has one office in New York and the other locations are data-entry errors) go back into your table and correct the inconsistencies—in this case, changing all locations to New York. Then try the conversion again.

Read more about converting a column into a table.

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